Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TOP 50 MCs: #50 - Soulja Slim aka Magnolia Slim(R.I.P.)

50. Soulja Slim

If It Aint Real It Aint Me

yes. i picked someone who was signed to No Limit Records. you know who WAS #50 literally seconds before i put slim in? Mystikal haha. He'll get his shine tho in my favorite albums so i had to give Slim love because as an artist ive always had love for him. His music was Pac-esque as far as content goes, he talked alot about struggling and revenge and things of that nature. he had his own delivery and a very distinct voice that always set him apart. he was definitely a pioneer and one of the top artists in New Orleans history. always underrated and forever slept on but he had it.

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