Monday, July 13, 2009

Whats in a name???

Seriously...what is in a name???

and when i say that i mean a stage name specifically..

This has been an issue with me for the entire 12 years that ive been writing and doing music. I have NEVER been 100% sold on any name that ive chosen or gone by or whatever. My first rap name was Notoriou$ lol and i think i also went by Copernicus, C.O. Genovese, Emseeyi(MCI), and who knows what else...

the longest name i ran with was EMS. Initially i got the name EMS from the first 3 letters of my original longstanding name Emseeyi(MCI). I got tired of having a name that sounded exactly like the phone company and i needed something new so i figured just take the first 3 letters and ride with EMS...thats where the trouble started...

So at leat with a name written out like Emseeyi it looks like it could either be a real name(a different one at that) or have some deep meaning but all it was just MCI spelled out in my little way, it did stand for Mind Containing Information/Intellect but i mean thats when i wanted to be Cap.One and Canibus so bad, i had to dead it..

The trouble with EMS can start from any point really. i mean the fact that its the paramedics alone makes EMS a no-go for a name. One thing that i DID NOT think about when i chose the name EMS was that since its 3 letters spelled out that it should at leat stand for something...for the longest time i'd go from show to show telling people it meant something different...after awhile i was saying it was a double meaning since im a gemini with one being Every Man's Savior and the other being Ease My Soul...i liked them but ultimately i just wasnt feeling them that much, the problem with those names are that they are so out there. one is basically claiming that i am god, the other is like im an angel or someone capable of fixing someones mental or emotional health or something haha, not me...

anyways, some time went by and one day i came up with a gem: Everything Makes Sense...i still love it to this day, but i refuse to be solely known as an artist named EMS...i cant stand even hearing it and the long version would be more suited for a rock band of some sort not an Emcee so i cant solely go by Everything Makes Sense..i needed something else...

alot of people suggest that i go by my birth name, Aarie(rhymes with dairy), wasnt feeling different name and all but i just didnt feel like my style personified the name Aarie itself. i felt like alot of my rhymes in the past encapsulated who EMS was and alot of the new stuff im working on is a great reflection of Kid A in my eyes, Aarie just wasnt a usable name, not at this time in my life/career...

so long story short, i had been thinking about changing my name since i got it and i wasnt actively tryin really but one day i was skimming my mp3 player and a Radiohead song came on, the title track from their 4th album(i think) Kid A. BOOM. thats it! i dunno it just hit me one day. My life revolves around the letter A, being number one, etc , my name is Aarie. it just fits..

i dont consider myself a kid or adolescent in any way but i look at it more along the lines of like when you say whatup to a good friend liek "whatup kid?" I have caught some flack just for the word Kid being a part of it..

also ive heard things like i stole my name from Kid Cudi, which is hilarious because i had the name in mind before i ever heard of him and could care less what someone else calls themself. my music is NOTHING like his and its damn sure NOTHING like the KIDS today putting music out.

the name was almost chosen sarcastically, since it almost mirrors your avg "LIL" name, but when you listen to Kid A you get the topics of a grown man, not fully there yet but on his way. you are not going to get little kid music, Kid A is expressive, experimental and exceptionally confident. i feel as if Kid A defines my rap right now the way im writing, the songs im putting together they really personify the name and thats what im trying to do.

i will always be EMS. i will continue to go by it along with KA but as of right now Kid A will be my primary stage name and will appear on my releases from now on. i will incorporate EMS into what i can and if i have to i can release projects under that name as well esp since i feel EMS & Kid A are almost 2 different artists.

i appreciate the love and hate ive gotten on the namechange. alot of people like it, alot of people dont, most notably my dude Ajaxx and i love how he refuses to call me it in writing hahaa, its all good tho because i know he's gonna tell me whats up but if its what i feel thats what its gona be and vice versa.

ultimately i wanted a name that people could comfortably say, and one that sounds good coming out of peoples mouths. a name that i could hear said on the radio or on television. a name like EMS just doesnt stand out to me, Everythin Makes Sense does but its just too long for me to use as a primary name thats not a band. so as of May 2009 ive been quietly going by Kid A and beginning the overall change in name so everyone is up to date.

i had people not wanting to go to my recent show because they didnt know i was even a part of it, they see Kid A and they're like wtf is this shit, theres no EMS on here...well now you know...i will always be Eezy but Kid A is the prominent one and i feel like the name could stick for some time.

and now i'll end the blog with a list of rappers with wack or confusing names:

Y@k Ballz(pause)
Flo Rida
Gorilla Zoe
Young City
Ace Hood
Gillie Da Kid
Godfather Part III
Ty Nitty
Big Noyd
Sheek Louch
Memphis Bleek
Neef Buck
Peedi Crakk aka Peedi Peedi
Lupe Fiasco

and the list goes on..

i'll end this one with my new favorite video of all time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome, Welcome...

hello kiddies and welcome to Eezy Street..come and take a walk with me..

i am not an active member of the "blog community" nor have i ever really been but this is an opportunity to reach out my opinions to more people and grab ahold of theirs at the same time.

i will begin my first post by simply introducing myself. I am Aarie Williams, better known as EMS(Everything Makes Sense) and now simply Kid A( I was born May 23rd, 1986 in Pittsburgh, Pa(yes suhhh).

i love alot of, women, music, myself, you..i mean theres endless amounts of things i can say that i love or have an opinion about and thats what i made this page for.

you will probably get a good bit of me venting about music or something of that nature. music is closest to my heart.

i dont have a topic at this exact moment so i will send off with this: