Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #44 - Snoop Dogg(LAST MINUTE SUBSTITUTION)

44. Snoop Dogg

We wear them Black-N-Gold coats with the patch on the back that says STEELERS!!!!

no lie up until i typed this, this spot was Jadakiss lol. i just cant justify having no Snoop on here considering i can listen to Top Dogg alone more than any Jada album. and jada been spitting the same verse for an eternity. I dont have to fully explain why i love Snoop but just know i love his character and he's a real mc to the core. he might be over-exposed and commercialized but get him to freestyle and i bet he outdoes you and everyone else in the room. Snoop Goes in, and while he has a few questionable albums he's not afraid to switch it up.Granted if i thought of Snoop before i did the list he'd be closer to the end and probably not ahead of someone like Gift of Gab.

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