Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #38 50 CENT!!!!!!

38. 50 Cent

I'll clap yo monkey ass, ya black on black crime

I know i listed B.G. and Cam on here but i feel like THIS one is one that will catch some hate hahahaha. i dont care either. i love 50 and i'll always admit it. am i a fan of him as a person? not i feel he has great content? not at all. i think he has a great voice and an underrated delivery. he's also got one of the BEST ears for beats in the industry. 50 is not bound to have wack beats..

and one of my favorite things about 50 is no matter how famous he got, he still made street mixtapes of ALL ORIGINAL material that kept it real for his core fanbase like myself who prefer not to hear songs like Candy Shop, etc.

i cant listen to the mega commercial shit, but 50s street shit rides to me. his first album Power of the Dollar was ahead of its time too..they werent ready for an album like that from an NY rapper in that day and age. no idea whats to come from Fif but hopefully some dope street shit :)

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