Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #41 - Krayzie/Bizzy/Flesh-N-Bone

41. Dem Bone Ninjas

Let Me Getcha Twistin, Mayne

When Thugz Cry

You Dont wanna see my Flesh Bone

OK so i know im usually the one against listing multiple people on one number but it was hard to put Krayzie here and omit Bizzy when i like alot of his catalog and Flesh when he's legit my favorite member of Bone. so i'm lumping the 3 together. I would say Bone as a whole but im not a Layzie fan and Wish is horrible without the group. im gonna list random songs from the 3 listed tho. Krazie i love for his distinct voice and flow that NEVER falters. His solo music is OK at best. Bizzy is prolific but can make some scattered and crazy music. he is an interesting character in general. I love the layering Flesh does on his vocals, it wasnt there on the first projects but from his solo and on he's done that cool High/Low layering so his voice always has an eerie ring to it. its the bone in him i guess.

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