Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #30 - Sticky Fingaz of Onyx

30. Sticky Fingaz

Thinkin bout takin my own life...Might as well..cept they might not sell weed in hell.

Sticky is the alltime amped up MC to me. He brought the rawness, the craziness, the paranoia, the introspection, and he even tried to do a lil commercial ish for yall haha. Kirk Jones is a beast and i wish he continued to make music as much as he began to act. He's this high on my list based off of his feroicity and how much he influenced me myself as an MC. Black Trash is another criminally slept on album as well as All We Got Iz Us by Onyx. If you are totally blind to who Sticky is peep him on Remember Me by Eminem from the Marshall Mathers Lp. CATCH UP!

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