Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #39 - Pusha T

39. Pusha T(Of The Clipse)

Move over Alicia!

ima leave this one short. Pusha is dope. will he ever be a top solo rapper? at this point i highly doubt it. but he's one of the newer cats in the mainstream that can keep my attention, all while rapping about the SAME shit every song basically.

i prefer Pusha to Malice, tho Mal can kick it when he wants to. Not a fan of the Lord Willin album but i love Hell Hath No Fury. the new joint is good. did i mention i liked Clipse before they blew too? first song i'll list is the first song i ever heard by them. i went to the store every week to buy the album after i saw the video and it never came out lol. i got it now tho(thanks internet)

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