Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #40 - Killah Priest

40. Killah Priest

Watup lil' nigga what you smokin on?

Priest needs to drop a new album and im pretty sure he is actually dropping one really soon so i'm anticipating it. He's def hit me with a few lackluster projects in my eyes(View from Masada, Black August, Revisited, the most recent 2 i think) but he's also smacked us with near classics like Heavy Mental, Priesthood(My personal fav) and The Offering. He's one of the MCs to influence me with out of this world & crazy lyrics like "walk in church with my gun up, nervous//disrupt the service, ask the pastor, where do i worship?". No commercial appeal whatsoever here, just pure unadulterated. Apparently Canibus battled the entire Wu Tang Clan live on the block back in the day and the only one to step to Bis correct was his soon to be Horseman member Priest. Dude is ferocious so i wouldnt put it past him. Peep the albums i listed tho.

^^^this song influenced me more than maybe any song listed so far by anyone on the list.

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