Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #43 - Z-Ro aka The Crooked

44. Z-Ro

I HATE you bitch!

If you thought lyricists in the same vein of 2pac were dead then you havent heard Z-Ro the Crooked. He's street like Trae, introspective like Joe Budden, can spit as fast as a member of Bone if he wanted, can sing better than the avg rapper also. He's like alot of my other favorites tho, he just cant get his ass out the streets. it seems like he's either in or out of jail every 3 months and that makes his discography kinda suck as well... he's got alot of good music but then theres the music he would leave behind during his bids that labels would piece together and release on their own to different beats and whatnot and it kinda fogs your idea of what he's about if you randomly download or buy a cd that he had nothign to do with and then think he sucks. believe me, the Ro is a beast.

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