Thursday, July 8, 2010

DISCLAIMER for the TOP 50 MC's list...

just so you all know...this is MY top 50 mc's of MY LIFE.

this is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, the GREATEST Mcs of ALL TIME list..thats not what im going for..

also this is NOT the top lyricist either. i love G.Dep but he doesnt have a classic album..he just has one decent one with a few songs i love...if i made a list of underrated cats or underachievers he'd be ranked well on that list.

its not about sales either..i dont care what any of these guys sold, its about how their music affected me and people around me only.

also this list does not suffer from "guilt by association"

by that i mean, if B.G. is #48 then that doesnt guarantee that Juvenile will be in the top 20 if he's not visible 21-50. if erick sermon is #49 but you like keith murray more, maybe i didnt lol .

i put Mega over 50, but i also put 50 over Gift of Gab on my list, and lyrically Gift of Gab shits on both of them. but that doesnt mean his music hit me like the next man's did.

just figured i'd put that out there. no matter what you will all hate and get mad but its all good haha

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