Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 Mcs: #42 - Cam'Ron

42. Cam'Ron

I Just want head from Patti LaBelle

Cam is another one who fell off extra hard to me. Honestly as bad as he's fallen off he should be somewhere closer to 50 and im sure within a week i'll wish i just flat out switched him with Erick or Gab or someone..Cam tho i go back to 98 with him when he was semi-riding the Mase wave with Horse & Carriage. i honestly didnt hear the Confessions of Fire album until years later...i also was a big fan of Let Me Know back in the day too...the whole Dipset movement got big to me around when they dropped their Vol. 5 Mixtape..thats when i became a believer.

i also think their double disc debut is a great album. Cam's best solo is still a tossup between Come Home With me and Purple Haze. i like the first more than the later tho as far as impact it had on me. like i said before, Cam fell off tho. his newest joint that 2.5 has a couple songs but he's been in cruise control for like 5 years now.

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