Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TOP 50 MCs: #48 B.G. aka BGizzle.

48. B.G.

Watcha Wan' Do? How ya wan' do it?

Now most might think "If BG is 48 on his list, is Wayne #1??? wheres juve???" we'll lets just say you'll see where those guys are(IF ANYWHERE HAHA). But number 48 im gonna go with the Baby Gangsta himself Chris Dorsey. He was always my favorite member of Cash Money and he had a really prolific career at a young age from Chopper City-CheckMate. his newest stuff does nothing for me and thats why his name is kinda slid down the list. what his old music did for me is why he's on here. kinda weird he beat Snoop out of a spot for still kinda odd about that. oh well..heres my evidence.

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