Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #30 - Sticky Fingaz of Onyx

30. Sticky Fingaz

Thinkin bout takin my own life...Might as well..cept they might not sell weed in hell.

Sticky is the alltime amped up MC to me. He brought the rawness, the craziness, the paranoia, the introspection, and he even tried to do a lil commercial ish for yall haha. Kirk Jones is a beast and i wish he continued to make music as much as he began to act. He's this high on my list based off of his feroicity and how much he influenced me myself as an MC. Black Trash is another criminally slept on album as well as All We Got Iz Us by Onyx. If you are totally blind to who Sticky is peep him on Remember Me by Eminem from the Marshall Mathers Lp. CATCH UP!

Top 50 MCs: #31 - Brother Ali

31. Brother Ali

She was hatin & Slug told the bitch send my tapes BACK!

If you havent heard Brother Ali by now then you're slipping. I think alot of people sleep on Ali because of the fact that he is an albino MC but i think that almost adds to how dope he truly is. He has alot more to bring to the table introspectively. I remember the first time i heard Ali, it was a big day for me haha. My buddy Ryan and I went to Brave New World in Oakland and were looking thru new 12"s and saw the Brother Ali Room With A View 12" and we say it was on Rhymesayers so we got it. Plus it had cool cover art.

Needless to say the song and his lyrics/delivery blew us away. Since the song has come out theres been numerous songs with the same sample so you will probably recognize it.

Ali is one of the most ferocious yet introspective MCs you will ever hear. He's tone down his production approach on albums and i think he should kinda go hard a little more but theres no doubting he's a true artist and one of the best lyricsts and MCs you will find today. Peep his music especially Shadows On the Sun & The Champion EP.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #32 - Phonte of Little Brother

32. Phonte

No I don't eat meat, but YES im still beefin'

I shouldnt really have to tell anybody about Phonte at this point. He might be one of the buys people hold up to names like Mos Def, Kweli, or whoever they think is a dope MC with alot of potential. Their albums The Listening, The Minstrel Show, and Getback are all borderline classic to me and its mainly because of Phonte's contributions. Pooh is cool but he's just the balance to Phonte's illness in the group. Lets not even talk about the magnificent music he's made with Nicolay under the name Foreign Exchange. The two F.E. albums alone push Te' to a whole nother level because his singing ability is damn near as good as his rapping. He has a distinct voice, delivery, flow and he's a southern MC who isnt afraid to reach outside the box. He might be a little outwardly opinionated but if you bypass his persona you may just love the music.

Top 50 MCs: #33 - Vakill

33. Vakill

The flow is Metamucil mixed with a crucifix, cross it & get shitted on

I cant fully explain it but im a huge fan of this guy here. I wish he released more music considering he's been around since the early 90's in the Chicago scene. Dude has some of the sickest punchlines i've ever heard coupled with a distinct on-again-off-again delivery. He's tightened his flow from his debut The Darkest Cloud to his most recent album Worst Fears Confirmed. Vocally he resembled Ras Kass while conceptually i wouldnt say he is nearly as deep. He has a few good story tracks and alot of dope songs of punches but other than that it can be hard to follow him if you arent into different styles of delivery with lyrics. He's a personal favorite of mine and hopefully he releases his Armor of God(i think) album really soon so he can climb the list a little more.. The Crown Dont Move!

Top 50 MCs: #34 - Freeway

34. Freeway

If i wanna squirt her, take her to Fatburger

Freeway is one of the guys it took a few years to really understand. My first time hearing Free was on 1900Hustler and i wasnt the biggest fan of that song when it first dropped. My 2nd time hearing Free was on Roc Da Mic and i HATED him with every bit of me haha. I just didnt get his style at all. One day i heard Alright Feat. Allen Anthony and i started to noticed his ACBD-style rhyme scheme and i became a fan after that. His debut album Philadelphia Freeway is criminally slept on and is one of the best produced albums to come from Rocafella or Def Jam for that matter, especially in the post-2000 era. His followup Free At Last was dope tho long-awaited and his most recent project with producer Jake One is upper echelon as always. You have to pay attention with Free and most people dont give him a chance. I think you should. I did...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #35 Brotha Lynch Hung

35. Brotha Lynch Hung

Eatin' baby brains, maybe veins, maybe spines

I wish people werent so squeamish and light in the stomach haha. I think someone like Necro is alot more offensive and disgusting to listen to than Lynch. Now lynch can spit some crazy scenes in his lyrics like in Return of Da Baby Killa(my favorite title of a song ever hahaha) which i'll post, but he's not like an ICP rapper or anything like that. dudes a beast on the mic and could probably wreck anyone you name legitimately. i like some of his older stuff, but 24 Deep is probably my favorite of his older stuff, Season of Da Siccness is a good album too. his new album Dinner and A Movie is one of the top albums this year in my eyes. he finally had cohesive production and went in the whole album. his flow is crazy and so is he, because he's a fuckin nutbag.

DISCLAIMER for the TOP 50 MC's list...

just so you all know...this is MY top 50 mc's of MY LIFE.

this is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, the GREATEST Mcs of ALL TIME list..thats not what im going for..

also this is NOT the top lyricist either. i love G.Dep but he doesnt have a classic album..he just has one decent one with a few songs i love...if i made a list of underrated cats or underachievers he'd be ranked well on that list.

its not about sales either..i dont care what any of these guys sold, its about how their music affected me and people around me only.

also this list does not suffer from "guilt by association"

by that i mean, if B.G. is #48 then that doesnt guarantee that Juvenile will be in the top 20 if he's not visible 21-50. if erick sermon is #49 but you like keith murray more, maybe i didnt lol .

i put Mega over 50, but i also put 50 over Gift of Gab on my list, and lyrically Gift of Gab shits on both of them. but that doesnt mean his music hit me like the next man's did.

just figured i'd put that out there. no matter what you will all hate and get mad but its all good haha

Top 50 MCs: 36 Scarface aka Brad Jordan

36. Scarface

I guess thats how the game goes...

Nuff said. if i have to convince you that Face is one of the best then you should just stop right here lol ima post ONE song and its from his newest album. if you never heard Face before then heres a big LOL for you!

Top 50 MCs: #37 Royce Da 5'9''

37. Royce Da 5'9''

Trust me im as live as it gets

A couple of years ago i woulda told you Royce could do no wrong...well a few years have passed by and ive been proven wrong time and time again. Royce is another guy who is falling down my list at the speed of light. each year, each project he falls deeper into his self-loving, gun toting, dick-referencing fest. i just cant stand it anymore...the same guy who made "Boom" is making joke songs and just not taking it serious anymore. he thinks he's as dope as he could be, but he's not and he keeps coming up short now. Bar Exam 3 was the nail in the coffin for me. so if he isnt able to outdo that on his next release i wont be listening anymore..

Prior to the falloffs Royce was one of the most ferocious yet in the pocket lyricists i had heard since maybe Nas. He had the multi syllable flow that rivaled EM, he had stories that could rival Ghost/Rae, he had radio friendly songs that went under the radar; i mean the guy can do just about anything on the mic. and i think thats why he's fallen off so bad, he thinks he can simply say anything and it will work but thats not the case.

i'd rather an Avg Mc stay consistent or slightly get better than have a great MC fall off greatly in a matter of seconds. thats why he's fallen off my list so far.
his strengths are in the songs i'll list here.

^he MURDERS d12 on here, esp Bizarre haha

Top 50 MCs: #38 50 CENT!!!!!!

38. 50 Cent

I'll clap yo monkey ass, ya black on black crime

I know i listed B.G. and Cam on here but i feel like THIS one is one that will catch some hate hahahaha. i dont care either. i love 50 and i'll always admit it. am i a fan of him as a person? not i feel he has great content? not at all. i think he has a great voice and an underrated delivery. he's also got one of the BEST ears for beats in the industry. 50 is not bound to have wack beats..

and one of my favorite things about 50 is no matter how famous he got, he still made street mixtapes of ALL ORIGINAL material that kept it real for his core fanbase like myself who prefer not to hear songs like Candy Shop, etc.

i cant listen to the mega commercial shit, but 50s street shit rides to me. his first album Power of the Dollar was ahead of its time too..they werent ready for an album like that from an NY rapper in that day and age. no idea whats to come from Fif but hopefully some dope street shit :)

Top 50 MCs: #39 - Pusha T

39. Pusha T(Of The Clipse)

Move over Alicia!

ima leave this one short. Pusha is dope. will he ever be a top solo rapper? at this point i highly doubt it. but he's one of the newer cats in the mainstream that can keep my attention, all while rapping about the SAME shit every song basically.

i prefer Pusha to Malice, tho Mal can kick it when he wants to. Not a fan of the Lord Willin album but i love Hell Hath No Fury. the new joint is good. did i mention i liked Clipse before they blew too? first song i'll list is the first song i ever heard by them. i went to the store every week to buy the album after i saw the video and it never came out lol. i got it now tho(thanks internet)

Top 50 MCs: #40 - Killah Priest

40. Killah Priest

Watup lil' nigga what you smokin on?

Priest needs to drop a new album and im pretty sure he is actually dropping one really soon so i'm anticipating it. He's def hit me with a few lackluster projects in my eyes(View from Masada, Black August, Revisited, the most recent 2 i think) but he's also smacked us with near classics like Heavy Mental, Priesthood(My personal fav) and The Offering. He's one of the MCs to influence me with out of this world & crazy lyrics like "walk in church with my gun up, nervous//disrupt the service, ask the pastor, where do i worship?". No commercial appeal whatsoever here, just pure unadulterated. Apparently Canibus battled the entire Wu Tang Clan live on the block back in the day and the only one to step to Bis correct was his soon to be Horseman member Priest. Dude is ferocious so i wouldnt put it past him. Peep the albums i listed tho.

^^^this song influenced me more than maybe any song listed so far by anyone on the list.

Top 50 MCs: #41 - Krayzie/Bizzy/Flesh-N-Bone

41. Dem Bone Ninjas

Let Me Getcha Twistin, Mayne

When Thugz Cry

You Dont wanna see my Flesh Bone

OK so i know im usually the one against listing multiple people on one number but it was hard to put Krayzie here and omit Bizzy when i like alot of his catalog and Flesh when he's legit my favorite member of Bone. so i'm lumping the 3 together. I would say Bone as a whole but im not a Layzie fan and Wish is horrible without the group. im gonna list random songs from the 3 listed tho. Krazie i love for his distinct voice and flow that NEVER falters. His solo music is OK at best. Bizzy is prolific but can make some scattered and crazy music. he is an interesting character in general. I love the layering Flesh does on his vocals, it wasnt there on the first projects but from his solo and on he's done that cool High/Low layering so his voice always has an eerie ring to it. its the bone in him i guess.

NEW Living Proofe Video..

another new joint from my homie Aru Self aka Living Proofe check it out. Quality hiphop lives!!!

Living Proofe - "Celebration (Livin' My Life)" Music Video from Will F on Vimeo.

Top 50 Mcs: #42 - Cam'Ron

42. Cam'Ron

I Just want head from Patti LaBelle

Cam is another one who fell off extra hard to me. Honestly as bad as he's fallen off he should be somewhere closer to 50 and im sure within a week i'll wish i just flat out switched him with Erick or Gab or someone..Cam tho i go back to 98 with him when he was semi-riding the Mase wave with Horse & Carriage. i honestly didnt hear the Confessions of Fire album until years later...i also was a big fan of Let Me Know back in the day too...the whole Dipset movement got big to me around when they dropped their Vol. 5 Mixtape..thats when i became a believer.

i also think their double disc debut is a great album. Cam's best solo is still a tossup between Come Home With me and Purple Haze. i like the first more than the later tho as far as impact it had on me. like i said before, Cam fell off tho. his newest joint that 2.5 has a couple songs but he's been in cruise control for like 5 years now.

Top 50 MCs: #43 - Z-Ro aka The Crooked

44. Z-Ro

I HATE you bitch!

If you thought lyricists in the same vein of 2pac were dead then you havent heard Z-Ro the Crooked. He's street like Trae, introspective like Joe Budden, can spit as fast as a member of Bone if he wanted, can sing better than the avg rapper also. He's like alot of my other favorites tho, he just cant get his ass out the streets. it seems like he's either in or out of jail every 3 months and that makes his discography kinda suck as well... he's got alot of good music but then theres the music he would leave behind during his bids that labels would piece together and release on their own to different beats and whatnot and it kinda fogs your idea of what he's about if you randomly download or buy a cd that he had nothign to do with and then think he sucks. believe me, the Ro is a beast.

Top 50 MCs: #44 - Snoop Dogg(LAST MINUTE SUBSTITUTION)

44. Snoop Dogg

We wear them Black-N-Gold coats with the patch on the back that says STEELERS!!!!

no lie up until i typed this, this spot was Jadakiss lol. i just cant justify having no Snoop on here considering i can listen to Top Dogg alone more than any Jada album. and jada been spitting the same verse for an eternity. I dont have to fully explain why i love Snoop but just know i love his character and he's a real mc to the core. he might be over-exposed and commercialized but get him to freestyle and i bet he outdoes you and everyone else in the room. Snoop Goes in, and while he has a few questionable albums he's not afraid to switch it up.Granted if i thought of Snoop before i did the list he'd be closer to the end and probably not ahead of someone like Gift of Gab.

Top 50 MCs: #45 - Cormega

45. Cormega

I Cant forget the hunger pains, stomach growlin like thunder & rain

Corey fell off. he could easily be alot higher on this list but he flat out missed his mark too many times. The Realness is a gem, The True Meaning is a passable followup album. Everything after that has been avg to much less...the Legal Hustle compilation was ok, he made us wait like 7 years for a 3rd album(i think third) and it wasnt special at all(Born And Raised). Mega used to be one of the dopest to me tho during the span between his first and 2nd album.

Top 50 MCs: #46 - Tech N9NE

46. Tech N9ne

Stamina, i'll be damned if i ever be, took away by the demons i'll never be

Tech can go. flat out. i dont care if you dont like his persona or even his overall direction, dude can flat out kill any mc and i put my money on it. one thing i love about Tech is his ability to switch up the flow at any point in the verse. he might keep a flow 4 bars at a time and switch it every 4 bars. he always keeps it funky and fresh with he's on the mic. i opened for dude a few years back and to this day it was maybe one of my biggest shows ive been a part of. im not the biggest fan of his most newest material, but i am still a big fan of the mc. come gangsta!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #47 Gift of Gab of Blackalicious

47. Gift of Gab

Super-fabulous the patterns have been upgraded

This man has a borderline great discography to back being on my list. from the Blackalicious Eps, to their classic albums Nia & Blazing Arrow, those projects alone are enough for G.O.G. to be on your list. His first solo Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up is great as well. his new one Escape2Mars isnt bad either. Granted im not the biggest fan of his like i used to be, he's still a top notch mc and not many can touch him content wise, flow wise or even wordplay wise, and thats a hard thing to do to be more than adequate in all areas. thats what the Gift of Gab brings. He literally has that gift. I'd say as an MC he's probably influenced me more than anyone else listed so far.

TOP 50 MCs: #48 B.G. aka BGizzle.

48. B.G.

Watcha Wan' Do? How ya wan' do it?

Now most might think "If BG is 48 on his list, is Wayne #1??? wheres juve???" we'll lets just say you'll see where those guys are(IF ANYWHERE HAHA). But number 48 im gonna go with the Baby Gangsta himself Chris Dorsey. He was always my favorite member of Cash Money and he had a really prolific career at a young age from Chopper City-CheckMate. his newest stuff does nothing for me and thats why his name is kinda slid down the list. what his old music did for me is why he's on here. kinda weird he beat Snoop out of a spot for still kinda odd about that. oh well..heres my evidence.

Just A Minstrel Music Video

Hey peep this video by a few cats i have alot of respect for in the Pittsburgh and Hip Hop scene in general

Jasiri X

Living Proofe

Idasa Tariq

Top 50 MCs: #49 - Erick Sermon aka The Green Eyed Bandit

49. Erick Sermon

Whatever it says well I'm that!

Botton Line: E has always been one of my favorites. i couldnt legitimately think of a number that would do him justice but i know he always stood out to me even if he wasnt spitting the best verse. his voice is mad easy to spot and he always made dope beats(even if alot of them were variations of the same joint). EPMD has classics for days and i love a good chunk of Erick's solo material as well.

TOP 50 MCs: #50 - Soulja Slim aka Magnolia Slim(R.I.P.)

50. Soulja Slim

If It Aint Real It Aint Me

yes. i picked someone who was signed to No Limit Records. you know who WAS #50 literally seconds before i put slim in? Mystikal haha. He'll get his shine tho in my favorite albums so i had to give Slim love because as an artist ive always had love for him. His music was Pac-esque as far as content goes, he talked alot about struggling and revenge and things of that nature. he had his own delivery and a very distinct voice that always set him apart. he was definitely a pioneer and one of the top artists in New Orleans history. always underrated and forever slept on but he had it.

Mac Dre

i just got put onto the homie Dre and lets just say im a little late(he died in 2004 i believe). heres a few joints i dig by the Thizz king.

^that album cover is mad hilarious looks like fuggin Tim Meadows(The Ladies Man)

Top 50 MCs + Explanations COMING SOON.

i posted a somewhat popular thread on facebook asking everyone for the top 20ish MCs and it got alot of responses, so im gonna gather my top 50 together and i'll unleash them one by one with reasons and evidence to back it.

if anything i can get someone i like some new fans or totally convince everyone i have the worst musical taste in hoping for a mix of both.

stay tuned for that. i have to put more thought into 21-50 becuase 1-20 was pretty difficult for me.

Jon Quest - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" Mixtape

another close homie. this is his first at bat and he swang for the stands with it. from standout original joints to dope verses over classic beats from the past, Quest def got some adventures on here. beats from Shade Cobain, Buscrates, Big Jerm & more.. def on the rise!

Divine Seven - LISTEN!!!

check out the homie Sev's newest project LISTEN!!! Fully produced by Shade Cobain!!!

it wouldnt be up here if it wasnt heat, he def got a lil something on here for everybody

download this fire here: