Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #31 - Brother Ali

31. Brother Ali

She was hatin & Slug told the bitch send my tapes BACK!

If you havent heard Brother Ali by now then you're slipping. I think alot of people sleep on Ali because of the fact that he is an albino MC but i think that almost adds to how dope he truly is. He has alot more to bring to the table introspectively. I remember the first time i heard Ali, it was a big day for me haha. My buddy Ryan and I went to Brave New World in Oakland and were looking thru new 12"s and saw the Brother Ali Room With A View 12" and we say it was on Rhymesayers so we got it. Plus it had cool cover art.

Needless to say the song and his lyrics/delivery blew us away. Since the song has come out theres been numerous songs with the same sample so you will probably recognize it.

Ali is one of the most ferocious yet introspective MCs you will ever hear. He's tone down his production approach on albums and i think he should kinda go hard a little more but theres no doubting he's a true artist and one of the best lyricsts and MCs you will find today. Peep his music especially Shadows On the Sun & The Champion EP.

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