Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #33 - Vakill

33. Vakill

The flow is Metamucil mixed with a crucifix, cross it & get shitted on

I cant fully explain it but im a huge fan of this guy here. I wish he released more music considering he's been around since the early 90's in the Chicago scene. Dude has some of the sickest punchlines i've ever heard coupled with a distinct on-again-off-again delivery. He's tightened his flow from his debut The Darkest Cloud to his most recent album Worst Fears Confirmed. Vocally he resembled Ras Kass while conceptually i wouldnt say he is nearly as deep. He has a few good story tracks and alot of dope songs of punches but other than that it can be hard to follow him if you arent into different styles of delivery with lyrics. He's a personal favorite of mine and hopefully he releases his Armor of God(i think) album really soon so he can climb the list a little more.. The Crown Dont Move!

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  1. Vakill is dope as fuck... First time I heard The Darkest Cloud I was mind blown.