Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #46 - Tech N9NE

46. Tech N9ne

Stamina, i'll be damned if i ever be, took away by the demons i'll never be

Tech can go. flat out. i dont care if you dont like his persona or even his overall direction, dude can flat out kill any mc and i put my money on it. one thing i love about Tech is his ability to switch up the flow at any point in the verse. he might keep a flow 4 bars at a time and switch it every 4 bars. he always keeps it funky and fresh with he's on the mic. i opened for dude a few years back and to this day it was maybe one of my biggest shows ive been a part of. im not the biggest fan of his most newest material, but i am still a big fan of the mc. come gangsta!

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