Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 50 MCs: #35 Brotha Lynch Hung

35. Brotha Lynch Hung

Eatin' baby brains, maybe veins, maybe spines

I wish people werent so squeamish and light in the stomach haha. I think someone like Necro is alot more offensive and disgusting to listen to than Lynch. Now lynch can spit some crazy scenes in his lyrics like in Return of Da Baby Killa(my favorite title of a song ever hahaha) which i'll post, but he's not like an ICP rapper or anything like that. dudes a beast on the mic and could probably wreck anyone you name legitimately. i like some of his older stuff, but 24 Deep is probably my favorite of his older stuff, Season of Da Siccness is a good album too. his new album Dinner and A Movie is one of the top albums this year in my eyes. he finally had cohesive production and went in the whole album. his flow is crazy and so is he, because he's a fuckin nutbag.

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