Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome, Welcome...

hello kiddies and welcome to Eezy Street..come and take a walk with me..

i am not an active member of the "blog community" nor have i ever really been but this is an opportunity to reach out my opinions to more people and grab ahold of theirs at the same time.

i will begin my first post by simply introducing myself. I am Aarie Williams, better known as EMS(Everything Makes Sense) and now simply Kid A( I was born May 23rd, 1986 in Pittsburgh, Pa(yes suhhh).

i love alot of, women, music, myself, you..i mean theres endless amounts of things i can say that i love or have an opinion about and thats what i made this page for.

you will probably get a good bit of me venting about music or something of that nature. music is closest to my heart.

i dont have a topic at this exact moment so i will send off with this: